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Coffee Padel League 2023

The new Bushy Park Coffee Padel League 2023 is starting in under 3 weeks, on Monday 18th September!

It will consist of a ranking league in different groups and the games will be played at your convenience. The League will be ongoing throughout 2023.

Ladder format: You will increase your ranking if you win games with the option to go through to the next level and play against new teams. There will be an update for the league every couple of months. 

To access the system, please go on the website and sign up: in tournament section.

If you are already a registered player, just log into your profile and make sure you choose your appropriate level. If anyone is not sure about the level, coaches from the club will help you find the correct level for you. 

First apply and pay in full first takes the place

You can download the Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club app (Club bushy park) on your phone from the 
Apple Store or Google Play.

The 4 categories for the groups are: 

- Women






The teams can’t be mixed. Max 12 teams per category.

The registration fee for the league will be just €25 then every player will pay the courts individually in accordance of his member status. Below the payment link


Format: 2 sets matches with Golden point and tie break

Dates:   The matches have to be rearrange by players from 10:00am to 14:00pm from Monday to Friday.

                *1 hour booking for matches (we recommend to warm up outside the court before you start the matches)

               * If you don’t show up for your game, the other team will get the points and the full court fee must be paid by the team who did not show up.

              * League will end on 30th of November


League Rules:

  1. Winners will get 2 points and 1 point for losers. Scores must be communicated in reception.
  2. For any circumstance the match is not finished… (Time, weather…) players have to rearrange outside the schedule.
  3. Teams who miss more than 2 matches without any circumstance, they will be disqualified.
  4. Substitutions:
    -Full team: Because they have been disqualified

-Player: If the league is not started a player can be replaced. If a player is injured, this can be replaced for the rest of the league.

  1. Matches can be rearrange if notice with at least 4 days in advanced.
  2. Bushy Park has the right to disqualified teams if the behaviour is not appropriate
                -1 time is a Warning

            -2 times is a disqualification.

  1. Only 2 teams can promote per category. After every league term teams have the right to continue or refuse to continue in the league.
  2. The organization will provide tube of balls every week for the matches.
  3. The club will provide water and fruits in every session.
  4. Schedule: Mondays to Fridays from 10pmto 14pm.

Prizes and trophies for winners and runners up in every category:


The league is sponsored by Bullpadel and E&S Doctors

Get outside, exercise, be social and most of all have fun!!! 

Contact us at the club for more information or look up our website 

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