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Padel Federation of Ireland AGM at Bushy Park


Hi all padelers,

The Padel Federation of Ireland AGM will be taking place on Sunday 22nd October from 1 pm at Bushy Park Padel Club. The Intermediate Tournament will be going on at that time.

The topics discussed at the AGM will be, among others, our strategic plan, padel promotion, padel coaching development, annual calendar of events, review of last year, financial situation and sponsors.

We expect a good turn out, but if you can´t make it, please send us an email with your thoughts on any of those items on the agenda.

Padel keeps growing at all levels and new people are taking up the sport every day. The new development at Bushy Park has made a huge difference to padel in Dublin and we hope that more facilities will come on stream in the next few months. We wish to thank all committee members and club reps for all their amazing work for the promotion and spreading of padel in the country. In many ways it has been the quiet work of many that has got us where we are now, but we will not be stopping here. We will continue working to spread padel all around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Some people dream of success, while other people get up in the morning and make it happen. This is a great way of looking a the work of the Federation over the last few years. I have come across very unselfish people who are honest and hard working and for whom the dream of making padel a success was not empty clatter and wishful thinking. I wish to sincerely thank all those who, in many cases voluntarily, work for padel in this country for their dedication and energy to make things happen... I will leave you with a quote from Pele, one of my favourite soccer stars... ´Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.´

See you all at Bushy Park Padel Club on Sunday!

Kind regards,

Joe Cabello
President of the Padel Federation of Ireland.



Fortune befriends the bold at the Junior Padel Tournament

It was most certainly the boldness and determination that Niall and Regan showed throughout the Junior tournament that brought fortune and, ultimately, success to their impressive padel performance. After a slow start losing their first game on the 1st and 2nd Years category, the pair went on to reach the final and ended up beating Alex and Ilyas by a tight 6-4. 

The Junior tournament for the 3rd to 5th Year category also saw success coming to Christian and Oliver, who managed to beat Bosco and Tony after a great come back, winning 7-3 on the tie break.

There were 42 young players competing in the Bushy Park Padel Club inaugural junior tournament and fun was had by all. Watch the space for the next tournament coming up!

Enjoy the photos and the drone footage below.




Padel Tournament for Primary and Secondary Schools

The inaugural padel tournament for Juniors, that is Primary and Secondary School children will take place at the Bushy Park Club on Friday 13th October. The Tournament begins at 3.30 pm for Primary Schools and 4.00 pm for Secondary Schools.


-5th and 5th Class Primary
-1st and 2nd Years Secondary
-3rd to 5th Years Secondary


Please send us an email or enquire at the desk.

The Fee for club members is 5 euro. Non-members 10 euro.


Early booking recommended! Shop discounts on the day.

See and share poster below.