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Naomi Nicholl new President of the Padel Federation of Ireland

new president was elected at the last AGM of the Padel Federation of Ireland held in our Headquarters at Bushy Park Dublin last November. Naomi Nicholl was elected unanimously to lead the Padel Federation for the coming years. The former President, Mr Joe Cabello, will continue his involvement in the Padel Federation of Ireland as honorary lifetime President. We wish to thank Joe for his amazing work and commitment to padel at the helm of the Federation since it was founded in 2011 and we wish every success to Naomi Nicholl in her new position as President.

(Naomi Nicholl photographed beside the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Niall Ring, at the launch of the Dublin Sports Fest in Dublin).

Naomi Nicholl has been involved in padel over the last few years, including the areas of coaching, marketing and management of Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club.

There were also new officers elected at our AGM to work on the National Committee. We wish to thank them for their commitment and generosity in accepting their nominations. We would also like to show our gratitude to all officers serving on the committee for their amazing support and dedication to the spreading of padel in Ireland over the last few years.

The newly elected officers are:

Siobhan Murray
Myles Cassidy
Dickson Butler
Maria Collins
David O´Driscoll

The new officers will help in many different tasks within the committee, including being reps for different clubs, helping with the National Team, promotion, institutional relations, secretarial duties, etc.

We are always open to suggestions and new ideas. We are happy to listen, so please get in touch with us at our Headquarters in Bushy Park or send us an email

Congratulations to the new President and the new officers! Thanks for your good work and commitment!

National Padel Team trials to be held in Bushy Park

The Padel Federation of Ireland has started the process to develop the programme for the National Padel Team that will represent the country in different categories. The padel trials for the National Team will be held in our Club in February.


Everyone is welcome to contribute and participate as well as being part of the national team and playing and defending Ireland in future international championships under the auspices of the International Padel Federation, which has renowned professionals such as Jero Cañas, world champion under 20 and recent world champion in the veterans category. Jero has a Bachelor in Sports Science with specialisation in padel and will be accompanied by our technical staff resident in Ireland.


If you are interested and wish to receive further information do not hesitate to contact us on or

The official National Team trials will take place in Bushy Park Padel Club on Sat 2nd-Sun 3rd and Sat 9th-Sun 10th February 2019.

Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas!!!!

Padel Certification Course in November

The Padel Federation of Ireland is running a second Padel Certification Course for tennis coaches (Tennis Coach Ireland members) in November. The courses ran by the Padel Federation in the last few years have been a great success – here are some words from a TCI member who attended: “I really enjoyed the Padel course. It was definitely a worthwhile way of advancing my skill set and adapting my tennis coaching skills to the world of Padel”.

Given the success, The Padel Federation, in cooperation with TCI, has now scheduled another course to allow coaches who missed out previously to get involved. The syllabus for this course has been specially developed to take into account the skills tennis coaches already possess, thus saving time and money for those coaches who are contemplating getting involved in Padel.

COURSE DATES: Sun 4th and Sun 11th November 2018.

COURSE TIMES: 1st Sunday 10 am to 4 pm, 2nd Sunday 10 am to 4 pm.

COURSE VENUE: Bushy Park Tennis & Padel Club, Terenure.

COURSE TUTOR: Colin O’Brien. A former Irish Davis Cup player, Colin is currently teaching tennis and Padel. He is certified by the Spanish and European Padel Federations.

COURSE FEES: The full cost of the course and assessment process is €250. The course normally runs for 15 hours, and costs €500, so this specific tennis coaches course represents significant savings.

TO BOOK YOUR PLACE: Complete the online application form at



In 2016 Tennis Coach Ireland carried out a survey of our member’s attitude to the game of Padel Tennis. At our last National Conference, Colin O’Brien and Joe Cabello of the Padel Federation of Ireland gave a presentation on Padel. We had very positive responses to both the survey and the presentation – many members were keen to get involved in Padel. TCI’s main priority as regards Padel is that our members are in a position of strength should the game come to your club or area.