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Halloween Round Robins tournaments!!!

Hello everyone!!

This Halloween at bushy park we are all dressing up together!
To celebrate this spooky holiday we are bringing some social round robins.

What is a round Robin?
-12 players (3 courts) 2'5h
-Everybody against everybody
-The player who wins more games it will be the winner !!! also prizes for 2nd and 3rd positions
-   Come in your best costume    
-Want to have fun
-Enjoy our spooky welcome snack           

First shift

Round Robin 10:00am-12:30pm (12 players)
Second shift

Round Robin 18:00pm-20:30pm (12 players)
Round robin tournament 18-20:30 (12 players)

Registration now open at bushy park desk... 

Price of the event €20 per person (All included)


Good luck and han fun....

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